What We Do & How We Collaborate

What We Do

The four Regional Children’s Advocacy Centers (RCACs) were established in the Victims of Child Abuse Act legislation in 1992 to provide training and technical assistance to child abuse professionals located within each U.S. Census region. Funding for the RCACs is managed by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, a component of the Office of Justice Programs within the U.S. Department of Justice. Each RCAC provides trainings, technical assistance, and information services for developing and established multidisciplinary teams, local Children’s Advocacy Centers, and State Chapter organizations of Children’s Advocacy Centers within their region.


Support for State Chapters 

To support the network of State Chapter organizations around the country, the RCACs and National Children’s Alliance (NCA) offer a number of services. To be efficient and non-duplicative with our resources, all five organizations work both together and independently in service of Chapter growth and development. This document details the areas in which we partner or coordinate to provide excellent service to Chapters and identifies the areas where we specialize or work independently.  

The four RCACs work collaboratively on multiple projects including support for: 

    • State Chapters 
    • Multidisciplinary Teams
    • Medical Professionals 
    • Mental Health Professionals
    • Victim Advocates 
    • Organizational Capacity 
    • Secondary Traumatic Stress & Resiliency 
    • MDT Leadership 
    • Cultural Considerations 
    • Collaborative Workgroups 


How We Collaborate

The RCACs have collaborated on and created the following resources below:


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