Considerations for the MDT/CAC Approach to Recantation

The infographic provided by Southern Regional Children’s Advocacy Center (SRCAC) offers a comprehensive overview of the factors and considerations surrounding recantation in child sexual abuse cases. It highlights the risk factors for recantation, such as unsupportive caregivers and pressure from family members, and emphasizes the importance of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) and Child Advocacy Center (CAC) approach to handle these sensitive situations. The document outlines strategies to assess and reduce the risk of recantation, prioritize response to abuse reports, and provide immediate advocacy to support the child and family involved. Additionally, it stresses the need for collaboration in investigating the causes of recantation and implementing protocols to address cases at risk for recantation

Considerations for the MDT/CAC Approach to Recantation
File Type: pdf
Categories: Forensic Interviewing
Tags: CACs, Infographic, MDT
Author: Southern Regional Children's Advocacy Center
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