Building a Better Case Review Together Guidelines

The Northeast Regional Children’s Advocacy Center (NRCAC) created a comprehensive guide designed to enhance the case review process for Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) and their multidisciplinary teams (MDTs). This resource emphasizes the importance of case review as a core standard for accredited CAC programs, offering a pathway for professionals to share knowledge, build cooperation, and make informed decisions about child abuse cases. It outlines opportunities for evaluating interviews, planning investigations, discussing medical and protection issues, and addressing the treatment needs of children and families. The guide also stresses the value of case review in promoting joint decision-making, establishing trust among team members, and providing support to prevent professional burnout.

Building a Better Case Review Together Guidelines
File Type: pdf
Categories: Multidisciplinary Team
Tags: CACs, Case Review, Guide, MDT, New
Author: Northeast Regional Children's Advocacy Center
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