Mental Health

Helping Your Child Heal from Abuse

This guide, created by NCA and NRCAC, offers support for parents and caregivers dealing with child abuse, emphasizing the pivotal role they play in their child’s healing process and explaining how a CAC and MDT can provide assistance in keeping the child safe and facilitating their recovery.

NRCAC Self Care Checklist

This infographic, created by NRCAC, offers a variety of self-care ideas including physical, psychological, emotional, professional, and personal, while also providing space for you to write your own ideas.

Tele-Mental Health Webinars

Learn about tele-mental health options for delivering trauma-informed, evidence-based mental health services. This five-part webinar series is presented in 2019 by the WRCAC Rural Mental Health project in partnership with Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center and the National Children’s Advocacy Center.

Mental Health Linkage Agreement

This sample linkage agreement created by the Regional CACs is meant to serve as a resource for CACs when providing Mental Health Referral, Assessment and Treatment. Please note this is intended as a SAMPLE and should be carefully reviewed by the CAC Board of Directors or other governing entity so that it accurately reflects YOUR partnership with community agencies.

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